Team Ocean Kayak Videos



Redfish School on Fly Rod 7lb trout on top water
Big redfish hand to hand combat in shallow water Big Winter Trout on Topwater
Catching Redfish Standing and big red on the fly Relentless Trout on Topwater
Redfish on top water lure in the grass flats Speckled trout on top water near the grass
Riptide Redfish video 2

Trout school video 1

Redfish on top water Top water trout video
Redfish deep in the grass Trout top water hits video

Redfish on top water video 1

Persistent trout

Redfish on top water behind the back

Pinned trout school
Redfish on top water Trout on top water
Redfish on top water Standing trout top water video
Redfish from the foot bridge Missed trout hits video
Redfish on the fly rod  video 1 Triple Trout hookup video

Redfish on the fly rod video1 POV

Trout Assortment
Redfish on the fly rod video 2 Trout in the Grass 2
Redfish on the fly rod video 3 Bird Trout
Redfish on the fly rod video 4 Standing trout top water 2
Redfish on the fly rod video 5 Standing trout top water 3
27" Redfish video Quick trout 1
28" Redfish video Quick trout 2
27" Redfish Second Chance in the grass Standing in the Caper trout
26" Crazy Redfish runs on the bank Purple Sunrise Trout on Topwater
Redfish under the Birds Trout on Topwater
Landing a big red  
Big Redfish pulls loose during landing  
Foot Bridge 2  
Redfish Pulls Kayak in a big circle under anchor  
Tailing Redfish video 1  
Winter redfish  
Winter redfish 2  
Winter redfish on the fly rod  
Redfish in the marsh  
Redfish on a rubber chicken  
Redfish Escape  
Early Redfish  
Straightened Hook  
Winter redfish video 2